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  • Since 1992

    One of the top Chinese manufacture of tungsten carbide industry.

    Tungsten carbide rings,rods,inserts,anvil,CNC tools.

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    Hengcheng Cemented Carbide Group was established In 1992 as a cemented carbide research And development, production, sales and service In one of the national high-tech enterprises. We mainly provides products and services for steel, metallurgy, machinery, geology, construction, coal, petroleum, chemical, electronics, textile and national defense and other industries. Main products: tungsten carbide rods, TC rings, TC buttons,CNC inserts and other Tunsten carbide customized products.

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    To give you better service, Hengcheng Marketing and service networks have spread all over more than 40 countries and regions. We provide our customers with high-quality products and quick response.

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    Hengcheng attaches importance to every customer and looks forward to your cooperation and contact me

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