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    ISCAR High Productivity Chamfering Tool

    20 Oct 2023

    Chamfering is perhaps the most common operation in metal cutting. In fact, the chamfering process can be found in almost all machining processes. Chamfers and, to a 

    lesser extent, rounds are a feature found almost everywhere on the internal and external edges of components. Chamfering is simpler than rounding, which explains why 

    chamfering is so popular. People are so accustomed to the existence of edge chamfers of various parts that they neglect to think about the importance of these relatively 

    small bevels: chamfers can prevent hand injuries, make assembly effortless, and reduce stress concentration, all of which prompt chamfering Become an essential element 

    in product design.

    For a long time, chamfering has been regarded as a simple process; it is usually processed by various chamfering tools that are not particularly complex. Typical representative

     tools are straight-edged turning tools, milling cutters with a 45° leading angle, and drill bits with a 90° sharp angle. At the same time, the application fields of rotary tool 

    chamfering are not limited to typical chamfering processing, but also include deburring and chamfering, countersinking and root cleaning, back chamfering of holes and 

    edges, root cleaning and V-shaped hole cutting, and spot drilling. and center drill. Rotary chamfering tools are flexible and, ideally, can perform all of the above machining 

    operations efficiently. However, various objective conditions, mainly size constraints, severely restrict the creation of perfect tools, making existing machining solutions far 

    from ideal. Meeting the challenge of understanding the most desirable tool product characteristics from the customer's perspective is demanding for modern chamfering 

    tool design. Chamfering tools, in particular, seem so simple that they are often overlooked; however, manufacturers look to tool suppliers to provide the ultimate simple, 

    highly productive, economically viable, and versatile solution. This expectation coincides with ISCAR's advanced smart tool concept. Based on this concept, ISCAR has 

    developed various rotary chamfering tools.

    ISCAR's modular tool Transformer end mill (MULTI-MASTER), the tool body holds an interchangeable tool head, providing several options for chamfering. The economical 

    cutter head MM H with 2 cutting edges and the precision-ground multi-edge MM E cutter head ensure efficient chamfering and burr removal, especially when used in 

    relatively small machining areas or workpieces. One of the cutting heads, the multi-function head MM HCD, is a real champion due to its high versatility and is suitable for 

    internal and external chamfering, deburring, center and spot drilling, and processing of countersunk screw holes. The secret to the success of the cutter head is its geometric 

    design that cleverly combines positive and negative axial angles; the cutter head combines a large positive rake angle, a strong cutting edge and an excellent chip breaker 

    design principle to ensure light cutting, even in harsh machining conditions. Chips can be discharged reliably even at low speeds.

    The dovetail head is another Transformer end mill product, providing heads with 45°, 60°, and 75° cutting angles. Capable of producing dovetail or groove machining as well 

    as back chamfering; the multi-tooth design of the cutter head ensures high productivity for chamfering applications.

    As with applications such as thread pre-drilling, drilling and chamfering in one pass is preferable to every manufacturer. This machining operation can be performed using 

    tools that combine drilling and countersunk hole machining features. However, the endless changes in the depth of the processed holes significantly restrict the processing 

    capabilities of the tools. From a technical perspective, tool suppliers need to provide numerous non-standard customized tool versions to adapt to each specific specification 

    of processed holes. ISCAR provides chamfering rings installed on CHAMDRILL drill pipes to overcome this problem. Based on the drill tip, the precise installation position of 

    the chamfering ring can be positioned, and then assembled to achieve drilling and chamfering at the same time in one feed. of knives.

    ISCAR also offers a chamfering tool specially designed for small manufacturers and repair departments. This is a versatile chamfer end mill with adjustable cutting edge angle.

     The end mill holds a rotatable tool holder, which holds an indexable insert. Due to the adjustability of the cutting edge, the chamfering cutter can process chamfers at 

    different angles, eliminating the need to equip different chamfering cutters for chamfering at different angles. The tool holder is marked with an angle scale for easy 

    reference and adjustment by the operator. However, the price of high versatility is that there is only one chamfered cutting edge, and the multifunctional adjustable design 

    allows only one cutting tooth to be provided.

    Although it seems simple, the design of an efficient chamfering tool needs to consider various factors, including whether to chamfer externally or internally, blunting sharp 

    edges, removing burrs, chamfering inside holes, high productivity, versatility, etc. wait. To answer which chamfering knife deserves five stars, we can only reply that the best 

    chamfering knife is the one chosen by the user based on his actual needs.

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