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    Seco Ceramic End Mills

    20 Oct 2023

    Seco has launched a new high-performance ceramic end mill JCG790, bringing a revolutionary breakthrough to high-temperature alloy processing. Manufacturers will be 

    able to take full advantage of high-performance machine tools and increase machining efficiency by 200-400%.

    The JCG790 ceramic end mill uses advanced SiAlON ceramic designed for high strength and long tool life, brazed to a carbide shank for optimal vibration damping for a 

    stable high-temperature alloy machining process.

    And the advanced geometry is ideal for high-speed/high-feed cutting: 45° helix angle, rake and relief angles as well as thick core and reinforced end teeth provide optimal 

    stability and strength to maximize material Resection rate. Using compressed air instead of emulsion coolant keeps the tool at the desired temperature and achieves good 

    chip control, maximizing recovery of these valuable materials.

    Pair the JCG790 ceramic end mill with our proven, high-performance JHP780 finishing tool and you get a total solution. The JCG790 ceramic end mill can be used for 

    roughing to maximize material removal, while the JHP780 finishing tool can be used to machine precision parts that require higher accuracy and achieve an excellent surface 

    finish to optimize your high-temperature alloy machining process.

    Recommended handle

    First choice: EPB precision collet tool holder, achieving high precision, minimal runout and vibration damping effect

    Second recommendation: hydraulic chuck

    Series overview

    Nine high-performance square shoulder end mills in ceramic materials (JCG790)

    Two 5-edge knives and seven 6-edge knives

    Metric diameter range 6 mm to 25 mm

    Provide non-standard ceramic products for specific applications

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